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Online Dating at site_name

Here are the three main steps you will need to go through for launching a dating/community site with SkaDate Dating Software: 1. Choose and buy a domain name. It should be easy to remember, and reflect your site conception. Having a keyword in your domain name is not a must, but can be an advantage. 2. Get a hosting account. Make sure that it meets your dating software server requirements. This is a crucial moment, because flawless web site operation strongly depends on the server characteristics. Any professional software (whether it’s a computer game or a dating site platform) has certain system requirements to run properly and operate at its full capacity. That is why it is required to check if the hosting account you’ve chosen to go for is compatible with the desired dating/community script. Cast your vote for a hosting company that provides customer support, guarantees continuous server uptime monitoring, and makes your site data backups. We have been testing hosting providers to find ones perfectly suitable for SkaDate. You can find them at our Recommended Hosting page. *Note that you will need to ‘connect’ your domain name to the hosting account by updating the DNS before getting down to the software installation. You should contact your hosting provider and domain registrar for additional information, or refer to SkaDate support team for assistance. 3. Install community/dating software. And that’s the point where you can relax, because professional SkaDate dating script support team will perform the site installation for you for free. If your server meets all the necessary system requirements, you’ll get your site up and running within a day. You can also perform the installation by yourself. We will provide you with all the necessary manuals and support assistance. Once your site is up, you will need to configure it via the Admin Panel to comply with your conception, and that’s it – you are ready to welcome the visitors! Our support operators will be glad to assist you in mastering the site management and configuration tips via the ticket system (you will get one month of free ticket support), and a free customer support forum.